Hayrides and the Harvest Moon

Fall is here and it’s what I like to call a buffer season, creating a smooth transition from the summer to the winter. It marks the return of the routine and a whole lot of incredible seasonal dishes and activities. Bronzed pumpkin pie and savory turkey, crisp autumn air and trees that look like they were painted- inspired yet? 

Thanksgiving is also a quintessential marker of this season. It teaches us to give thanks for what we are lucky to have and how to consume large amounts of turkey and stuffing- a.k.a. personal g r o w t h.    

Between being a time of reflection- appreciating what you have in the present and prepping your resolutions list for the upcoming new year- and of a seasonal change, it’s a time of fun! It’s the last time the temperature will be a positive integer for a while and is ideal for active play outdoors, which is something we could always use a bit more of! Have a blast experimenting with the seasonal ingredients, and crafting, harnessing the essence and colours of this splendid time of year.

Check out this adorable husky really enjoying Autumn http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xEX-48RHCY  

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