Trick or Treat

Free candy, roaming the town at night, the thrill and safety of a costume or a mask; Halloween is the Western world’s only- one day long- opportunity to experience being something else completely by dressing up as absolutely anyone or anything one’s heart desires.

The only downside with that, I think we can all safely say, is when no one recognizes what you’ve dressed up as. You’re going for Peter Pan but people keep telling you you’re a spot on One Direction member. But that’s enough about me.

Look at this one night as a major bonding session for the community. Appreciate that in not too many places in the world it would be this legit to stop by your neighbors’ houses on the eve of October 31st and ask for free candy- especially when dressed in a conspicuous disguise.

Whether you’re young or young at heart- I’ve even seen some of the best costumes worn by cute canines- everyone’s invited to the fun and to your front door for a treat. Stay on your toes cause you might even get a good scare out of it.


Check out this adorable French Bulldog, he’s got some great costume ideas! http://instagram.com/trotterpup/

Think of Avron when you’re stocking up on Halloween candy and for fun Halloween crafts: http://avronforkids.com/

For some Autumn and Halloween-themed products, craft and activity tips, and recipe ideas, visit our pinterest page at http://www.pinterest.com/avronforyou


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