Down With Sugar, Sugar

In honour of World Diabetes Day 2013 happening this month on November 14th and a probable post-Halloween sugar overdose, it’s a good time to refocus our energies on eating and living a healthy lifestyle. You’ll discover there are plenty of guilt-free ways to entice your senses.

Sugar Bought & Sold

In today’s world we’ve seen a substantial increase in the production and marketing of sweets and candies. Only several decades ago you could find yourself at a grocery stored faced with a scant selection of only a handful of different options for breakfast cereal, for instance. Today you can find yourself entranced staring at the mile-long cereal isle with its colourful array of sugary breakfast options. A surprising fact is that the third highest selling condiment in the US- our favorite tangy, tomato topping used daily in many households: ketchup- contains the same amount of sugar in a hundred grams as half a cup of vanilla ice cream.

Let’s Be Real!

Let’s be real- is that really necessary? Let’s go back to basics and get fresh. When you keep your meals and snacks simple and your raw materials fresh, you’ll find you don’t even need the boost of any unhealthy foods, like processed foods containing unwholesome additives (we’re talking about you, High Fructose Corn Syrup!). Remember that you can also regulate your taste palette to get used to levels of things like sugar and sodium by gradually reducing the quantities you use of them. It’s all about finding the substitutes you genuinely like and building off of them to create more meal, snack, and drink options and ideas.

For some easy to make healthy snack ideas to get you started visit our Yummy Snacks board at http://www.pinterest.com/avronforyou

Need materials to work with? We’ve got you covered at http://avronforkids.com/


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