Holiday Cheer and A Happy New Year

And so the bells begin to jingle…

So many holidays and festivities this time of year, it’s truly felt every time you step outside. The drain of the colder weather that comes with it is even diminished at times because the spirit and atmosphere are so unique and unanimous; special.

Let’s not forget to mention the end of this year approaching, the start of a new one, reflecting on what is known and anticipating what is unknown. It’s a valuable junction that reminds us to be hopeful and proactive with our lives.

Take advantage of the good spirits! Get active and creative with a wide range of seasonal activities that we’ve so missed over the summer, like skating and skiing/snowboarding, poutine and hot chocolate, and a whole new Winter wardrobe to work with!

All of us here from the Avron family would like to wish you and your loved ones very happy holidays and a very happy new year filled with loads of love, health, and happiness. We appreciate our wonderful partnership and can’t wait to continuing on in 2014!

For some super sensational seasonal snack and décor ideas visit us at http://www.pinterest.com/avronforyou

Need materials to work with? We’ve got you covered at http://avronforkids.com/


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