Spring Is Here

With the Spring season officially kicked off, all we need now is for the weather to get the memo! Warmer days and blossoming landscapes are to come where we’ll have the chance to make up for some much needed Vitamin D sun time. It’s a great time to start planning fun outdoor activities and getting creative with what you can do in your own backyard. 

Here at Avron we’ve been getting excited and gathered some ideas to brighten and freshen up our living and work spaces, and snack ideas to get back into lean eating after the hearty winter menu. 
With Mother’s Day around the corner let us also praise the Queens in our lives, the strong, beautiful women that carried us and love unconditionally: our mothers. To all the mommas out there, all of us at Avron wish you a very enjoyable and happy Mother’s Day! 
Spring Cleaning 2.0
When the Spring season arrives people often only think of Spring cleaning their home and work spaces, but what about our cyber spaces? Nowadays most people spend just as much of their day immersed in a digital environment as they spend in their physical living environment. It’s a great time to take advantage of that mentality of proactive organization and take the time to also clean up our hard drive! Getting rid of the unneeded, saving space, and organizing the existing all make for more efficient and pleasant future operations. From personal experience, logging on to a clean and orderly computer feels just like walking into a tidy house: delightful!

The Fresh Green, Nut, and Fruit Spring Salad
This is not your average spring salad. One of the freshest and more impressive salads I’ve come across is a spirited combination of greens and nuts and fruit. With lightly chopped parsley and coriander leaves, crumbled cashews or almond slivers (crumbled rice puffs can substitute for a nut-free version), dried craisins or blueberries (dried or fresh), dressed modestly with lemon juice and olive oil- salted and peppered to taste- and you’ve got it. Fresh, healthy, and lean. 
To check out some sensational seasonal snack and décor ideas visit us at https://www.pinterest.com/avronforyou/ 
Need materials to work with? We’ve got you covered at http://www.avronforkids.com/ 
And our Spring catalogue for some seasonal savings at http://www.avronforkids.com/img/2012_Spring_Event_Flyer_ENG_2012-04-18.pdf

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