Wacky Robot

IMG_7628-1.jpgWhat you will need:


  1. Start by cutting out 4 equal sized square shapes from the cardboard. To get consistent shapes you can trace one piece three times onto the cardboard.
  2. Tape the 4 cardboard squares together to create a frame for the Robot Sculpture.
  3. Trace one side of the frame to get a larger square piece to use as the head for the Robot Sculpture. Glue the square piece to one side of the frame leaving one side of the box open. For added security, tape around the box until the surface is covered. The tape also creates a great texture.
  4. Once the frame of the robot is completed you can now begin to decorate. Paint, or use pastels to cover the box in solid color or get creative and mix and match colours.
  5. Next you will need to create a face for your robot. Cut out circles out of the cardboard to use as eyes and a rectangular shape to use as a mouth for the robot. Glue pieces onto one side on the box.
  6. Colour the eyes and teeth for the robot with a white pastel. When done outline the eyes and fill in the mouth using a black sharpie.
  7. When your robot face is complete, have an adult use scissors to poke holes through the through the top of the robots head. Thread pipe cleaners in and out of the holes to create wacky hair.

There you have it! A Wacky Robot Sculpture to call your own 🙂

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