Paper Rainbow Mobile


IMG_7731-1Today we have a craft that will be sure to bring colour to your gloomy Monday morning. The Paper Rainbow Mobile Craft uses bright colours and
has the added flare of assorted beads. The Rainbow Craft can also be hung anywhere in sight to make anyone smile

What you will need:


  1. Start by cutting out a large circle out of kraft paper. Fold the paper in half to create a semi-circle.
  2. Draw out a rainbow shape onto both sides of the semi-circle. Making sure to draw one for each of the rainbow colours, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet or as many colours as you like.
  3. Use a sharpie or marker to outline the shape of the semi-circle and the rainbow lines within the semi-circle. Once your outline is complete, take pastels and colour in each individual section with its own colour following the rainbow colours or your own choice of colours. Make sure to colour both sides of the semi-circle!
  4. When you have completed colouring, glue down the sides of the rainbow leaving one side left open.
  5. With the side that is still open, stuff with newspaper or any material stuffing for this. Once filled, glue the opening down.
  6. Use a whole punch and punch in 5 holes at the bottom of the rainbow.
  7. Loop a pipe cleaner through one of the holes and pull beads of different sizes and colours up the pipe cleaner till the whole pipe cleaner is full. When done add pipe cleaners to the other holes and decorate with beads.
  8. Hole punch two holes on the top of the rainbow, then add string so that you can hand the Paper Rainbow Craft!

Check out Avron has all your craft needs!


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