Bunny Nest

What you will need:IMG_7660.JPG



  1. Start by drawing two bunny ears on the cardboard and cutting them out (if you have foam you can also use that to create bunny ears). Using markers or pastels colour the cardboard ears brown with pink in the middle of the ears.
  2. Take a pine cone and glue two google eyes near the top. Glue the cardboard ears to the back of the pine cone, check out the image for reference. Cut out 2 cm pieces of pipe cleaner, you will need 4 to create whiskers on the bunny. When done cutting out the whiskers, glue them onto the pine cone and finish it by gluing down a pink pom pom in the middle of where you glued the whiskers for the nose.
  3. Your bunny needs a nest to rest in, you can create it by taking a piece of tin foil and crunching it into a nest shape.
  4. Once you have your nest shape, use masking tape to cover the surface of the nest.
  5. Twist pieces of yellow tissue paper together and glue around the nest to create the impression of straw nest.
  6. Finish the craft by adding the pine cone bunny to the nest.



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