Craft Bulletin Board Frame

One day out of the year, IMG_8247-2.jpgMother’s are celebrated. Mother’s are known for the hard work they put into raising children and of course no mother is a like, so we crafted this unique gift to honour them for all they do.

This Craft Bulletin Board Frame lets Mom’s pin up reminders onto the Felt Piece while in view of images of their crafty child who gifted them the timeless multi-use craft. Kids will have fun creating and decorating this craft knowing it’s going to the one person they admire.

Here’s What You’ll Need:


  1. Using Popsicle Sticks create a railroad pattern, first by laying down two Popsicle
    sticks vertically. They should overlap each other by a centimeter so you can glue them together. Lay another two Popsicle sticks parallel to the first set, about two inches away. Glue these two Popsicle sticks together. Next take 4 Popsicle Sticks and lay them equally across horizontally on the vertical Popsicle Sticks that you have already glued together. Glue the horizontal Popsicle sticks down onto the Vertical Popsicle Sticks. You have just created the Frame for your craft.
  2. Cut out a square Felt Piece, in the colour of your choice and glue to the end the Popsicle Frame.
  3. Next take a 4 inch piece of Pipe Cleaner and make a loop by twisting the ends together. Glue this piece onto the top of your Popsicle Frame to use as a hook to hang on the wall.
  4. Last but not least is the fun part! Go crazy and decorate the Frame however you like by adding Felt bits of different shapes, Pipe Cleaners that twist around the Frame edges. Avron offers many different supplies that promote creativity.
  5. Take this craft to the next level and glue some pictures in so your Mother can really appreciate what you have created her.

Get what all that you need from Avron


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