Beaver Habitat

canada-150-page-banner-header-1200x200-jpgAs a Canadian owned and operated company, we have to join in on the festivities! We decided to celebrate Canada’s 150 by creating a couple of Canadian inspired crafts. This craft teaches young ones about Canada’s national animal, the beaver and are also taught to explore natural resources that can be found outdoors.beaver-habitat-pinterest

What You Will Need:


  1. The first step to this craft is to create a den for the beaver. Find a small box around 4″ x 3″. You will need to cut two side out, so that there are 4 sides remaining (Look at the image for reference). Or you can easily create a box using cardboard. Cut 2 squares that are 3.5″ x 3.5″ and 2 rectangles that are 3.5″ x 4.5″ and glue sides together to create a rectangle box that resembles a den.
  2. Children can take masking tape and cover the box with the tape to create a more sturdier den that they can paint over with brown paint.
  3. When the box is dry, help young ones pierce a hole through the top part of the box big enough for a skewer to fit through.
  4. To finish creating the habitat, have children glue twigs and leaves around the outside. (Always assist children when using a hot glue gun for projects, Tacky Glue is a suitable alternative that requires less supervision).
  5. Finally you will need to create the Canadian beaver to occupy your crafty natural habitat. For the beaver face, with cardboard, cut out a circle about 1.5″ in diameter with ears, a 2″ oval for the beaver’s tail and paint brown. Glue two wiggle eyes on. For the beavers teeth use a Popsicle stick, paint white and cut out two rectangular 1″ pieces. Glue teeth onto beaver face. A pine cone will act as the beavers body, help children with using a glue fun to glue the beaver face onto the narrow top point of the pine cone, and the tail onto the bottom of the pine cone.
  6. Lastly with the hot glue gun take a skewer and glue onto the Beaver’s back. Stick the skewer through the small hole in the Beaver den you created earlier.

This hands on craft is great for children, it allows them to explore different natural resources they can find in their own backyard. Continue checking our blog for more great crafts, for your craft needs visit www.avron.ca


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