Witch Craft

Avron-Witch-CraftMaterials You Will Need:


  1. Using black construction paper, roll into a cylinder shape and glue down one end to create a body for your witch.
  2. Cut a circle out of cardboard and paint black.
  3. With a smaller piece of construction paper create a cone shape for your witch’s hat.
  4. When the cardboard circle is dry glue to the end of your cone hat. Once secure glue onto the body of your witch.
  5. Using a dowd stick, poke a hole right through the witch’s body through the other side. Now stick a black pipe cleaner creating hands for witch.
  6. Glue wiggle eyes onto your witch’s face. Curl short pieces of orange pipe cleaner and glue onto the underside of the hat to create hair.
  7. Decorate the hate with pipe cleaners.
  8. Take a dowd stick and cut a couple of yellow pipe cleaners and wrap around the end of the dowd stick. Secure with glue and by wrapping a brown pipe cleaner around the end of the stick and yellow pipe cleaner.

Now you’re ready to cast some spells!

Visit http://www.avron.ca for your craft supplies!


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