Space Craft


We’re bringing in the New Year with a whole new set of crafts to inspire creativity in young minds!


What you need to do:

  1. Start by gluing two plates together. Decorate one side with markers and gluing acrylics stones.
  2. Get 3 bamboo Skewers and cut them down to 3 inches each. Poke 3 holes  onto the side of the paper plate you did not decorate. Fit the 3 skewers into the 3 holes. Glue Pony Beads to the end of the Bamboo Skewers for support.
  3. Take a paper cup and cut a small rectangle at the top near the rim of the cup. Then turn the paper cup upside down and glue a large pom pom to the bottom of the cup. Now decorate the cup by using markers and taking some pipe cleaner and winding it around the paper cup. To finish up, glue a large wiggle eye to the pom pom. Glue down the decorated paper cup onto the middle of decorated side of the paper plate.
  4. With cardboard, cut out two circles that are different sizes. Cover one side of the circles with glue and then cover with glitter. Once the glitter circles are dry, take any colour pipe cleaners and wrap it around the circle to create planets. Secure the pipe cleaner with glue. Glue the planets onto bamboo sticks. Once the planets are secured on a bamboo stick, poke two holes behind the paper cup and stick the planets through the holes.

That’s all there is! Check on www.avron.ca for all your craft supplies.


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