Paper Plate Owl


What You Need:

What to do it:

  1. Start by colouring the bottom of the paper plate in pastel. We decided to use brown but you can be creative and pick any colour for your owl!
  2. Cut out two shapes for the owl’s wings. We cut out two triangle pieces for wings. You will also need to cut out two circles about in an inch in size for the owl eyes.
  3. Glue the wings to either side of the paper plate and then cover the wings in glue. Tear or cut tissue paper into 1″ squares. Wrap around the end of a pencil that has an eraser at the bottom. Then place the pencil with the tissue paper onto the glue. Lift up the pencil and the tissue paper will remain on the glue. Decorate the whole wing like this, changing tissue paper colours if you want.
  4. Take the cardboard circles and glue big wiggle eyes in the centre. Decorate around the wiggle eyes with a pattern. When you’re done decorating the owl eyes, glue onto the paper plate.
  5. You’re almost done your owl! You can finish your Owl Craft by adding a triangle nose and little feet. You can also add feathers to bring your owl to life!

If you enjoyed this craft, come back every week for more original crafts!


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