North Pole


What You Will Need:

  1. Start by colouring the paper plate with pastels. You can create a sunset or a winter sky like we did. We used pink, yellow, green and black pastels to scribble on the paper plate until covered in colour.
  2. Cut out a mountain shape from the black construction paper and glue down in the middle of the plate.
  3. Put drops of glue on the paper plate and sprinkle silver glitter for snow.
  4. For more snow, place glue underneath the mountain and tear cotton balls into smaller pieces and stick onto the glue.
  5. Take 2 black pom poms and glue one on top of the other. Glue two wiggle eyes on one of the pom pom to create a penguin. Cut a small piece from the orange pipe cleaner and glue between the two eyes. Then cut another piece of white pipe cleaner and glue onto the penguin to create it’s stomach.
  6. Use a pop sickle stick and glue a square wood piece to the top to create the north pole. Glue down the pom pom penguin to the bottom of the sign and then finish your craft by gluing down the north pole pop sickle stick to the center of the plate buried in the snow!

Shop for all these supplies at http://www.avron.ca


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