Clover Wand




  1. Draw four separate hearts onto a piece of cardboard and carefully cut them out.
  2. Decorate the hearts by colouring in one side green using a marker.
  3. Decorate the opposite side of the heart with green tissue paper. Wrap 1″ tissue paper onto the end of a pencil that has an eraser on the bottom. Dab the pencil with the tissue paper on the end into some glue and stick onto a cardboard heart. Continue using this process until the heart is covered. Decorate the other hearts with using this process as well.
  4. When your have finished decorating, glue the sides of the heart to create a four leaf clover.
  5. Ball up a piece of yellow yarn and glue into the centre of your four leaf clover.
  6. Take some brown yarn or twin and wrap a bamboo skewer until it is covered. Glue down where necessary.
  7. Glue the bamboo skewer to the four leaf clover to create your wand!

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