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Halloween Crafts: Scary Witch



  • Egg Carton Flats
  • Green Tempera Paint
  • Black Construction Paper
  • Yellow Construction Paper
  • Black & White Wiggle Eyes

All the materials needed for this craft are available in our Scary Witch Kit (900-776). The kit makes 100 witches. This craft is perfect for school age children.


  1. Cut the egg carton flat so that you have a 2 x 2 square piece (as see in the above craft image).
  2. Paint the egg carton flat green and allow to dry completely.
  3. Take a sheet of black construction paper and cut out a semi-circle.
  4. Take the semi-circle and cut out a triangle. Start from one corner and cut towards the centre of the semi-circle. When you get to the centre, turn the scissors and cut towards the other corner.
  5. Roll the cut out semi-circle construction paper into a cone and glue down the edges. This will be the witch’s hat.
  6. Cut Strips of yellow construction paper and fan fold them to make the witch’s hair crinkly. Glue the strips on the inside of the black hat. Be sure to place most of the strips on the back or sides of the hat.
  7. Glue black and white wiggles eyes.

Shop for your craft supplies at www.avron.ca


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