North Pole


What You Will Need:

  1. Start by colouring the paper plate with pastels. You can create a sunset or a winter sky like we did. We used pink, yellow, green and black pastels to scribble on the paper plate until covered in colour.
  2. Cut out a mountain shape from the black construction paper and glue down in the middle of the plate.
  3. Put drops of glue on the paper plate and sprinkle silver glitter for snow.
  4. For more snow, place glue underneath the mountain and tear cotton balls into smaller pieces and stick onto the glue.
  5. Take 2 black pom poms and glue one on top of the other. Glue two wiggle eyes on one of the pom pom to create a penguin. Cut a small piece from the orange pipe cleaner and glue between the two eyes. Then cut another piece of white pipe cleaner and glue onto the penguin to create it’s stomach.
  6. Use a pop sickle stick and glue a square wood piece to the top to create the north pole. Glue down the pom pom penguin to the bottom of the sign and then finish your craft by gluing down the north pole pop sickle stick to the center of the plate buried in the snow!

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Paper Plate Owl


What You Need:

What to do it:

  1. Start by colouring the bottom of the paper plate in pastel. We decided to use brown but you can be creative and pick any colour for your owl!
  2. Cut out two shapes for the owl’s wings. We cut out two triangle pieces for wings. You will also need to cut out two circles about in an inch in size for the owl eyes.
  3. Glue the wings to either side of the paper plate and then cover the wings in glue. Tear or cut tissue paper into 1″ squares. Wrap around the end of a pencil that has an eraser at the bottom. Then place the pencil with the tissue paper onto the glue. Lift up the pencil and the tissue paper will remain on the glue. Decorate the whole wing like this, changing tissue paper colours if you want.
  4. Take the cardboard circles and glue big wiggle eyes in the centre. Decorate around the wiggle eyes with a pattern. When you’re done decorating the owl eyes, glue onto the paper plate.
  5. You’re almost done your owl! You can finish your Owl Craft by adding a triangle nose and little feet. You can also add feathers to bring your owl to life!

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Space Craft


We’re bringing in the New Year with a whole new set of crafts to inspire creativity in young minds!


What you need to do:

  1. Start by gluing two plates together. Decorate one side with markers and gluing acrylics stones.
  2. Get 3 bamboo Skewers and cut them down to 3 inches each. Poke 3 holes  onto the side of the paper plate you did not decorate. Fit the 3 skewers into the 3 holes. Glue Pony Beads to the end of the Bamboo Skewers for support.
  3. Take a paper cup and cut a small rectangle at the top near the rim of the cup. Then turn the paper cup upside down and glue a large pom pom to the bottom of the cup. Now decorate the cup by using markers and taking some pipe cleaner and winding it around the paper cup. To finish up, glue a large wiggle eye to the pom pom. Glue down the decorated paper cup onto the middle of decorated side of the paper plate.
  4. With cardboard, cut out two circles that are different sizes. Cover one side of the circles with glue and then cover with glitter. Once the glitter circles are dry, take any colour pipe cleaners and wrap it around the circle to create planets. Secure the pipe cleaner with glue. Glue the planets onto bamboo sticks. Once the planets are secured on a bamboo stick, poke two holes behind the paper cup and stick the planets through the holes.

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Reindeer Figurine




  1. With a piece of Cardboard, draw out a 2 rectangles (1.5″ x 2″), 2 ovals (1″ x 1.5″), 2 small circles (0.5″ x 0.5″), and 2 antler shapes. Cut out all these pieces.
  2. Colour the 2 ovals with a light brown marker, the 2 antlers a dark brown and the 2 small circles red. Set a side these pieces for now.
  3. Take some newspaper and squish into a rectangular shape that should fit in between the 2 rectangular cardboard pieces you cut out earlier. The rectangular pieces and the newspaper in between will look like a sandwich shape. Use masking tape to cover the rectangular cardboard sandwich all over.
  4. Once your cardboard sandwich is covered in tape to creating a solid surface you can decorate this piece.
  5. Now that all your pieces are decorated, we can start assembling the Reindeer. The cardboard sandwich will be the body of the Reindeer. Take an oval cardboard piece and glue to the top corner of the Reindeer’s body to create it’s head. Glue the second oval to the other side of the Reindeer’s body.
  6. Glue the antler pieces onto either side of your Reindeer’s head and then glue the small red circles to the end of the head to create a Reindeer nose.
  7. Your Reindeer is almost done! It will need to stand on its own. Trim down two Bamboo Sticks for the Reindeer’s legs. You will need them to be around 2 inches long. When the Bamboo Sticks are equal lengths push into the bottom of the body.
  8. Finish up your Reindeer by pushing the bamboo sticks into a long rectangular piece of clay to create a base and you’re all done!

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Celebrating Hanukkah!


Hanukkah Menorah


How its done:

  1. With adult supervision begin to hot glue the base of the Menorah together. Glue 2 square wooden pieces to the ends of a long rectangular piece to create a wooden base. Set aside to dry.
  2.  Paint 9 popsicle sticks blue or any other colour you prefer.
  3. Cut out 9 flame shapes out of cardboard and paint using yellow and orange, set aside to dry.
  4. Once the Wooden Base is glued down securely, choose different wood shapes to glue onto the Wooden base for candle holders from the Barrel of Wood Bits. Make sure to choose 8 small pieces and 1 larger piece for the center candle holder on the Menorah. Carefully use hot glue to glue down the pieces.
  5. Lastly, glue the cardboard flames to the popsicle sticks and then glue the candles into each of the candle holders on your Menorah.

Star of David Garland


How its done:

  1. Start by creating the Star of David with popsicle sticks. Use 3 popsicle sticks to create a triangle and glue into place. Create 5 more triangles. To make the Star take two triangles and place on top of each other other in the opposite direction. Secure with the glue. Do this with the rest of the triangles created 3 stars in total.
  2. Use blue pipe cleaners and wrap around the star until the surface is covered. Do this with one  more star.
  3. For the last Star use twine to wrap around until covered.
  4. Thread a long piece of twine through your decorated stars and hang up as garland! has all your craft needs!