Christmas Tree


What you will need:

How to do it?

  1. Start by creating a cone shape with construction paper. You can choose any colour since this part will be used for the structure of our tree.
  2. Paint a bunch of cupcake liners green or any colour to desire. Set aside to dry.
  3. Once your cupcake liners are dry, cut a slit right down to the middle.  Cut out the middle section and you should only have left the ripples of the cupcake liner.
  4.  Wrap the liner around your construction paper cone and glue until secure. Keep going until you have the whole cone covered with liners.
  5. Decorate your tree with wood shapes and acrylic stone jems to make your tree pop with colour!

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Mini Yarn Hats


With the colder weather approaching, it is important to stay warm. Teach little ones the importance of covering up in the cold weather with this easy yarn craft. This craft is from Easy Peasy and Fun, it is fun and creative giving children the opportunity to explore their fine motor skills as they have to measure, cut and twist the yarn into the perfect Hat.

Everything you will need:

How to do it:

  1. Start by cutting the yarn into threads. The length of the yearn depends on the width of your paper roll. Start with cutting 1 thread and trying it out until you find the perfect length.
  2. Cut the paper roll into a thin ring, about 3/4″ of an inch.
  3. Fold the yarn in half and place through the paper roll hole. Take the part of the end of the yarn with the loose ends and pull through the loop of the yarn over the paper roll. Pull tight to create a knot.
  4. Repeat this scenario until you have the paper roll covered with yarn.
  5. Push the yarn through the paper roll. Easy Peasy and Fun and Fun found it easier to twist all the threads and push them through.
  6. Roll a small ball of tissue paper and push it into the paper roll to give you the perfect hat shape while keeping the yarn in place.
  7. Finally tie a knot around the threads to get a hat shape and then trim the pom pom to a nice shape.
  8. You can take this craft further to create an ornament by tying some yarn under the pom pom of the hat to make a loop.

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Mini Poppies

Craft Social Media - Mini Poppie Clothes Pegs



  1. Begin but cutting a cup from the egg carton. Next cut four points where the folds are on the carton to create 4 poppy petals. Round off the petals to create a cleaner look. (If using construction paper, cut a poppy shape out of the paper.)
  2. Colour the middle of the egg carton poppy with black and yellow. Then paint the poppy red and set aside to dry.
  3. When the poppy is dry, glue a brown pipe cleaner to the back of the egg carton. Use a clothes pin to pin the mini poppy onto your shirt!

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Witch Craft

Avron-Witch-CraftMaterials You Will Need:


  1. Using black construction paper, roll into a cylinder shape and glue down one end to create a body for your witch.
  2. Cut a circle out of cardboard and paint black.
  3. With a smaller piece of construction paper create a cone shape for your witch’s hat.
  4. When the cardboard circle is dry glue to the end of your cone hat. Once secure glue onto the body of your witch.
  5. Using a dowd stick, poke a hole right through the witch’s body through the other side. Now stick a black pipe cleaner creating hands for witch.
  6. Glue wiggle eyes onto your witch’s face. Curl short pieces of orange pipe cleaner and glue onto the underside of the hat to create hair.
  7. Decorate the hate with pipe cleaners.
  8. Take a dowd stick and cut a couple of yellow pipe cleaners and wrap around the end of the dowd stick. Secure with glue and by wrapping a brown pipe cleaner around the end of the stick and yellow pipe cleaner.

Now you’re ready to cast some spells!

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Yarn Wrapped Mummy


Materials You Will Need:



  1. First you will need a body for your mummy. Start by cutting out a human shape from your cardboard. If you need help with the body shape, you can trace a human shape cutout from our Culturally Diverse People Kit.
  2. Paint your cardboard human with black paint and wait for it to completely dry.
  3. Glue wiggle eyes onto your human cardboard and hold down until secure.
  4. Tape one end of your white yarn to the back of your human cardboard. Now start wrapping the yarn around your human cardboard’s head, make sure to leave an open space for the eyes. Continue wrapping the mummy’s  body and when you are finished wrapping yarn all around, tape the end of the yarn onto the back of the mummy.
  5. Your mummy has risen right from the dead so there will be creepy crawlies all over. Create a ball of tin foil about half an inch big for your spiders body. With another piece of tinfoil twist it until you have about a 2 inch leg. You will need two of these for the spiders leg.
  6. With the two tin foil legs cross them over and twist in the middle. Now glue the legs to one side of the tin foil ball you created for the spiders body. Finish by gluing a wiggle eye to your spiders face.
  7. Glue the spider anywhere onto your Yarn Wrapped Mummy. Add some natural feathers for embellishments!

Have fun crafting!